Our Next Session

•November 25, 2009 • Leave a Comment

The next session of Art Loves Farms has officially been planned for December 19-23, 2009.

We’ve gotten a local artist, John DeFaro, to come out to do a demonstration for the students. So far, we have a fuzzy picture about what exactly we’re going to do, but whatever it is, it’s going to be great and different and will hopefully open the minds of our participants, which is always good for creating interesting art! He says it’s a project we’re calling “Implosion”. Check out his spectacular work (love his sculptures) here: http://jdefaro.com/

We have a total of seven entries for this session. They’re all seniors, which is exciting, and they all seem to be super excited about it. Here’s an overview of what they’re thinking of doing.

Chris Bender: wants to work large from objects found on the farm; also wants to gather inspiration for his fashion work

Elise Fernandez: (repeat from last session); wants to experiment with photography and her Minolta 35mm; she also plans on WWOOFing (Willing Workers on Organic Farms) in the future

Adrian Pinagel: (repeat from last session); wants to continue work with oil paints and detailed sketches of plants he encounters

Talisa Almonte: wants to work on paintings of installations that she will construct out of objects on the farm

Keith Clougherty: wants to work on stream-of-consciousness-like writing; he also wants to work on the farm

Jacob Dakar: (repeat from last session); wants to experiment with “egg carving” using eggs shells from eggs we eat for breakfast and wood carving using scraps from the farm

Andrea Fabry: wants to work with elements from the farm creating sort of sculptural works, focusing on color and texture

As you can see, I’ve gotten quite an array of applicants. I’m getting excited, Marian’s excited, the students are excited, and it’s all good!


Hello from BHF

•October 3, 2009 • 2 Comments

This is a brand spankin new blog about Art Loves Farms/Art Loves Food, a small project created by Marian Wertalka, Rachel Pikarsky, and Margie Pikarsky, based on a proposal by Marian and Nerissa Street. Our goal is to educate young local art students about eating, buying, and supporting local food and the farmers who grow it.

Basically, we collect applications from students interested in attending the artist residency, located at Bee Heaven Farm. The few selected students then come to the farm to live and work for three to four days. During this time, they will eat wonderful food, visit interesting places in the local agriculture scene, and create provocative artwork inspired by their time on the farm.

The first session of Art Loves Farms was May 22-25, 2009, after Marian approached Rachel about rewriting a grant proposal that Nerissa and Marian had written. Rachel ran with the idea, created and reviewed all the applications, and scheduled all the tours and events. Margaret Pikarsky, head of Bee Heaven Farm, bought food for the participants and drove them to the tour locations.

The tour schedule consisted of three local agriculture based places:

The Fruit and Spice Park–for a tour and a taste of strange and wonderful plants and fruits. This was meant to show a broad range of all the diverse plants and crops that could be grown in South Florida.

Possum Trot Nursery–to show an actual local farmer’s take on what is reasonable to grow. He also grows a vast array of plants that the students may recognize from their trip to The Fruit and Spice Park, so it is an interesting thing to see the plants actually put into action. Also, Robert Barnum, the owner, is a chef and he prepared a wonderful lunch for the students.

Robert Is Here–a local fruit and vegetable stand where students can see the crops they’ve seen throughout the day being packaged and sold. Also, this is a chance for them to buy a delicious world renowned milkshake made from local fruits.

After this the students return to the farm to relax and create art. The media is not limited to paint and students are encouraged to try something new, like creative writing, music writing, sculpture, or even performance art.

Here are a few pictures from our last session in which seven students participated:

Elise Fernandez: made a sculpture with grape twigs and a piece of wood she carved

Julian Rendon: worked on a piece that was meant to bridge his current life to his future life

Jessica Howard: painted a portrait of the resident horse, Bali, on a piece of cardboard she found on the farm

Jacob Dakar: took pictures of chickens meant to glorify and showcase their prehistoric image

Adrian Pinagel: did oil paintings of the night sky through foilage

Victoria Martinotti: did small oil paintings of a select area of the farm throughout the day focusing on the change of light–She also worked on a painting of a hand

Scott Zenteno: did a series of paintings of tractors

Here are some pictures! :D