Day Three

Day Three: December 21st
We began the morning with scrambled eggs mixed with green peppers, tomatoes, onions, and for the non vegetarians, turkey bacon. Dee-licious.

At 10:00ish we packed into our van and Marian’s car and road the few miles to the Fruit and Spice Park. We had hoped to get a tour from Margie, the owner of Bee Heaven Farm, but she was off getting a new refrigerator truck for the farm. If that failed, the plan was to take a tour given by the Park on a tram, but the tour didn’t start for another hour, which would put us behind by a while. So instead, I, Rachel, gave a tour. I don’t know quite how good it was, but Marian said it was great, so I guess that’s something. I told all I knew, which was a lot considering I practically grew up there. Anyway, we found a few things to taste, and a few other things to use for artwork. Annatto (or Bixa or Achiote) was a favorite.

discovering annatto

It was originally used as a food dye, but it serves well as a natural dye, especially for face-painting!

Francis and Elise paint their face

tasting Canistel

Another great thing we tried was Canistel, or Egg Fruit, which we actually grow on the farm and sell at the market.

Hanging out in the bamboo was also a treat.

in the bamboo

goats eating scraps

Around about 12ish we hightailed it to Robert is Here and bought milkshakes. We each ordered a different flavour: Guanábana,

Black Sapote Strawberry, Pineapple Coconut, Mamey, Keylime, Keylime Strawberry, Orange…etc.

Along with them, we ordered boiled peanuts. We all sat outside to eat them in the chilly air with Robert is Here’s collection of animals chewing on food scraps.

Jacob participating in part of Elise's photoshoot

We headed home with happy bellies and worked on some art.

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